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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


1 of my closest n bestie masuk hospita harini. No worries no worries. she just doing her operation on her tonsil je.:) Alhamdulilaah she's fine. cuma cannot talk to much. huhuhu.

so this is wat we do in the Hospital. first wad is 524 south tower.:)

Our greetings notes. we just wanted to play2 with ecah. ahahahaha.:P aku dh ckp ecah aku akan buat. hahahaha.:P oh ya, sorry x nmpk tulisan mine pnye tertulis 'HELO!', aisya tulis "HI", Aimi is "Assalamualaikum" hahaha.:P

Tqah gives to her beloved sister= comei2.:DD

the blue kambing/ biri2 is our gifts. i caught my eye on that sheep at the souvenir shop. hahahaha.cute rite? her name now is Nik Nur Kambing/ Nik Nur sheep/ nik Nur Goat(pilihla mana2. haha). yg sblah tu namanya Nik Nur Bear!.:))

watching her ate her caramel pudding. xnmpk carameel pnnn.:((
Happy face. but sakit di dalam. hahaha..switching rooms & building!!
Tqah tgh sibuk mengemas barangg..khusyuk la sgt. hahaha.:P
she was sitting on my lap. romantic kan?nehhhhhhh... hahahahha.:P
dihalau keluar sbb dr. Hafiz sdg memeriksa pesakit. huhuhu.

Miss Liberty Tqah. with newspaper & tabung air. hahahaha.:P

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